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If you’re tired of living in pain but aren’t interested in invasive procedures, Dr. Brian Willyard at Action Chiropractic in Port Orchard, WA, offers various techniques for natural pain relief.

How Chiropractic Care Supports Natural Pain Relief

Suffering from pain is never fun, but many people prefer that over resorting to invasive techniques or addictive substances. However, you can have your cake and eat it too, in this case. Below, Dr. Willyard and the team at Action Chiropractic in Port Orchard, WA, explain how chiropractic care can provide the natural pain relief you seek.

It Works With Your Body’s Natural Processes

The human body excels at healing itself. For example, when you’re sick, your immune system works to fight off the illness. Or if you sustain a cut, blood rushes to the area to close it up quickly so that it doesn’t get infected. These are just two examples, but they portray the body’s natural inclination to heal when something is awry.

Unfortunately, some issues can impede these processes, such as misalignment, tension, and nerve compression – all of which can cause pain and other undesirable symptoms. Chiropractic care works to remove these impediments to healing so that the body can complete its self-healing.

It Achieves and Maintains Proper Alignment

You might not think about your spine too often when you’re in pain, especially when that pain is somewhere else in the body. However, a misalignment can impact the entire body. For example, a herniated disc can compress a nerve that can cause anything from headaches and migraines to pain in the foot. Chiropractic care gets rid of these pains naturally by restoring proper alignment and helping maintain it to prevent pain in the future.

It Utilizes Non-Invasive Techniques

Chiropractors specialize in using techniques that are neither invasive nor addictive. The most common techniques used include adjustments, chiropractic massage, non-surgical spinal decompression, and therapeutic exercises. Many also provide nutritional guidance and may recommend supplements to help improve bone, muscle, and overall health.

It Is a Holistic Method

One of the most effective ways in which chiropractic care helps provide natural pain relief is that it is holistic. It doesn’t just look at or treat your symptoms. It goes deeper to determine the underlying cause and any factors that contribute to your pain. Treatment plans are developed to address all of these areas to ensure lasting and optimal healing and relief.

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